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As you use winkelwiki , the site learns what products you like and which kinds of stores have them. The better it understands your tastes, the easier it is to find the right products and stores. For example, when you search for a product on winkelwiki, not just any single store that sells that product appears in the results, but rather those selected for being most relevant to you. Likewise if you're looking for a store, winkelwiki will show you your most relevant choices first.

Using winkelwiki is simple. 1. By keywords: simply enter keywords and browse the list of relevant products. 2. By online stores: winkelwiki is intended to support all major online stores, so if you have a specific store in mind, just click the store logo and you'll instantly have access to its product database, including relevant items from all its branches. 3. By Browsing: On the winkelwiki main page you can browse featured products selected by our algorithms (available for selected countries). Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions or comments, thank you for your visit!

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